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Les LaMotte

Mentor, Author, Imagineer


+1 952-212-8592



436 Meadowood Lane

Burnsville, MN 55337 USA

September 23

About Les LaMotte Imagineer

As an Imagineer, my knowledge spans a broad spectrum of graphic design, video, web, and entrepreneurism.  My experience and relationships have taken me worldwide to remote locations such as Europe, Africa, India, South America, and the Far East.  My use and knowledge of technologies, manufacturing, remote supply sourcing, and strategic business relationships allowed me to build a worldwide network of products and marketing partnerships.  I have been a CEO, founder, marketing director, CFO, inventor, graphic designer, and artist for the last 50+ years.

Date of Birth:

Professional Experience




Forward-thinking designer, innovator, and entrepreneur • Continually forging new profitable paths & profit centers • B2B Sales • Graphic Design  • Marketing • Business Development • Communications • Advertising • Branding  • Liaison • Foreign and Domestic  


  • Big-picture strategic thinker with a designer's eye for details connecting the dots and creating a winning platform for success.  Strategy player with winning motivation and resolve.  

  • Excels in propelling growth through the use of foundational relationships and business development strategies.  

  • A skilled negotiator and business developer capable of influencing sales and procuring contracts with clients of various businesses and influence, i.e., Disney, Universal Studio, World Vision, and Best Buy.

  • Envisioned and created categories of unique trade show and display products, solving the barrier of weight and ease of use and marketed worldwide.

  • Met and exceeded major client requirements regularly. 

  • Successfully negotiated multiple Contracts over $100,000.

  • Performed Competitive Analysis both domestically and internationally.

  • Competitively Achieved Product and Marketing Positioning worldwide. 

  • Product Lifecycle Management, including an extension from one to twenty-five.

  • He defended his five patents in Federal Court and won.

  • Achieved rapid and affordable expensive success by investing in Gorilla Marketing.



International Micro Business • Burnsville, MN 

CEO / Product Designer / Marketer 

May 1997 to April 2011 (closed 3/14/2011) 

  • Founder and Designer of the Xtra Lite Display family of products 

  • From a start-up in his basement, he took the company from a $14 investment to a 5,640 sq. ft. office/condo and $14 million in revenue in 14 years 

  • Overseer of strategic and business mission planning.

  • Goal development, as well as R&D.

  • Responsible for business development and sales/marketing. 

  • Served as Board Member and facilitated the development of the Company's Charter. 

  • Identified revenue streams and developed "go to market" strategies. 

  • Benchmarked, orchestrated, and led channel development, marketing collateral, training, and product development.

  • Successfully hired a superb supervised staff of 7 over the 14-year history.

  • Innovatively marketed products and services to over 250 private enterprises, military, government, organizations, and corporations. 

  • Developed 650 national and 250 global distributors. 

  • Key participant in the Design and R&D of the company's twenty-five display products, lightweight, compact portable display technologies.

  • Championed research into the trade show and other identified markets to deliver "first to market" technology with a successful launch in 1997, an international first.

  • Xtra Lite Display products were seamlessly adopted by some of the most recognized global corporations such as • Disney • Universal Studio's Orlando • Epson, Japan • Best Buy • Control Data - 50th Anniversary Gala • 3M • LifeTime Fitness • Compassion International • World Vision International • CASE • and thousands of corporations and Fortune 100 corporations in over 36 countries around the globe.  



Moorhead State University - Moorhead, MN USA

BA in Art - Emphasis in Graphic Design


Many additional programs for various aspects of self- development.  Online web development, Core Passion Training, Film writing and producing, Vocalization, Songwriting, Entertainment Performance, Entrepreneur Development, Teaching  Art, Set Design & Building, MicroMentoring worldwide, and Angel and VC Business Strategy.

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