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© 2019 by  Les LaMotte, Imagineer / Singer / Songwriter     All rights reserved.

Performance Track Rules


For use in Performance Licensing

Recording Artist Pays $9.95 and can perform with the purchased Performance Track with unlimited usage. 

Assignment of Credit:

Written credit must be posted in a program or announced orally at the time of the performance ©1993-2019 Les LaMotte - ASCAP Singer/Songwriter - Used by permission


Purchase of Mechanical Rights

Recording Artist Pays $99.95 - they are given full written Mechanical Rights for use of the recording releasing the copyrights to them for re-record with their voice or group on their album only. They retain their own song copyright with the following credits.

Assignment of Credit:

The album must contain a written credit in print on the album or any written reference to the song when being promoted  -  ©1993 Les LaMotte - ASCAP Lyrics and Songwriter - Used by permission.


Click below to request permission. State the Titles(s) you wish to secure the Mechanical Rights.


Performance Tracks are non-transferable to other artists or albums


You cannot share, reproduce or resell

the Performance Tracks. This is strictly prohibited and will be prosecusted to the full extent of US Law.