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Performance Track Policies


For use in Performance Licensing

Recording Artist Pays $9.95 and can perform with the purchased Performance Track with unlimited usage. 

Assignment of Credit:

Written credit must be posted in a program or announced orally at the time of the performance (Stated as printed here exactly) ©1993-2021 Les LaMotte - ASCAP Singer/Songwriter - Used by permission


Purchase of Mechanical Rights

Recording Artist Pays $99.95 - they are given full written Mechanical Rights for use of the master recording file including releasing the copyrights to them to re-record with their voice or group on their album only. They retain their own song copyrights with the following credits.

Assignment of Credit:

The album must contain a written credit in print on the album or any written reference to the song when being promoted  -  ©1993 Les LaMotte - ASCAP Lyrics and Songwriter - Used by permission.


Click below to request permission. State the Titles(s) you wish to secure the Mechanical Rights for.


Performance Tracks are non-transferable to other artists or other albums without additional written release and payment for use.



You cannot share, reproduce or resell

the Original Performance Track(s).

This is strictly prohibited and will be prosecusted to the full extent of US Law.

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