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Are you at the CROSSROADS of your life 

and/or business and don’t know which way to go?

When YOU Know WHO You Are… YOU Will Know WHAT to Do!

Discover Your True Self...

Discover Your Core Passion®

Are you looking for direction and purpose?



Sign up Here

with your

$90 Fee to Take the

Core Passion Assessment.

As an ADDED BONUS - you can choose to share the results of your Assessment with Les LaMotte and he will personally help you understand what Assessment is telling you about yourself. You may use this extremely valuable tool to achieve greater accuracy in all your business and life decisions!


Having this “ValuableTool” will speed up Your process to “Imagineer Your Future”

Les's 5 Core Passions.png

Your Core Passion® Profile shows you what drives your life and gives you words for what your intuition has been trying to tell you!


If You Wish to Begin Your Journey to Becoming an Imagineer I Highly Suggest that You Take the Core Passion® Assessment, FIRST!

– Les LaMotte • Imagineer


The Core Passion® Assessment is an online self-assessment tool that has been designed to empower you to discover your Core Passion®.

The Core Passion® Assessment is a great value at only $90.00 USD the best money you will ever spend to find out what really makes you tick before you launch off into the unknown.


Les LaMotte is a CORE PASSION® Consultant.  

1. Upon payment of the assessment fee of $90, you will be sent an invitation email.

2. Find your Core Passion Assessment invitation in your email.  


3. Click the link to open a browser window and navigate to


4. The system will have you register a new ID.


Be sure to use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS that you received the invitation from when you created your ID.

This will alert the Assessment and acknowledges you have paid the $90 fee.


Note: that you will need about 30 minutes to complete the assessment process. You will then receive your completed assessment in a PDF custom made for you. At this point you can assign me to also receive it so that I can call or email you to set up a meeting to discuss in more detail what your results mean to you and Your Future!

The Core Passion® Assessment is one of the fastest, easiest, most powerful self-assessments available on-line today.


You will, on a personal level…

  • See your personal Core Passion® Codes

  • Find your passion and purpose

  • Develop clarity and impact for your communication skills

  • Live your destiny on purpose

  • Build a relationship with your inner consultant

  • Turn your challenges into powerful learning lessons


Professionally, you will…

  • Expand your career skills

  • Add value to yourself and your company

  • Turn your career challenges into powerful learning lessons

  • Focus more time working with your gifts

  • Claim your uniqueness


In your relationships, you will…

  • Create win-win communications

  • Develop harmony and focus

  • Develop the inner/outer awareness

  • Create a win-win relationship with yourself

  • Turn your relationship challenges into powerful learning lessons

  • Create more time working with your gifts

Discovering your Core Passion® opens the door to unlimited possibilities by using this powerful driving force within you.


You are totally unique. The universe is bound by the universal law of uniqueness, no two snowflakes are alike and humans are no exception. 


You are totally unique and can not be reproduced in exactly the same way. 

But who are you? 

Why are you here? 

What are you really supposed to be doing? 

These are the core questions that start the Quest to find out who you are.


Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive:

  • A 21 page report containing detailed definitions of ALL Core Passion® Codes, including your Top 5 Core Passions and your 7 Supporting Core Passions


  • A detailed summary of each of your Core Passion®Gifts, Challenges, Lessons and Affirmations


  • Core Passion® Matrix, highlighting all 12 Core Passion® Codes


  • Core Passion® Codes Quick Study Guide


  • An explanation of how each of your Core Passion® Codes plays a role in your personal and professional relationships






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