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Now on Sale at Amazon - Please Request it at Barns & Nobel and all Bookstores Near You!

Updated: Nov 1, 2021


Just saw and opened my book for the very first time... Wow that was exciting to see your life's work in one book. The wisdom that I share is on a level that everyone can understand and appreciate... from the High School student who is wondering about where to go to school or more over IF they should go to school... to the young business just trying to get off the ground... you will learn some of the techniques and skills it takes to keep it going and make it thrive. After all I took $14 USD and leveraged it to $14 mil. in revenue over a 14 year period and from over 36 countries around the world! Go to may site for how to purchase it on Xlibris, Amazon and Barnes & Nobel right now! Go to my site See the links on my book page.

Les LaMotte, Imagineer Your Future book arrives!
Les LaMotte • Imagineer receiving his first box of books.


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