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Les is getting ready to launch his new Internet TV Station

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

We have moved into new facilities with new sets, new programing from Workshop & Crafts to Drawing & Painting, Creative Writing & Songwriting, At the Cabin & News Desk... From these will come many new programs to enjoy. Think Local and Global... have and interest in learning how to draw and paint your self portrait, your children, your dog, a famous person, movie star, music star with perfection... Do you have need of producing custom made video on the internet for teaching, sharing with friend, relatives, children, clients, or entertainment? This is your chance to be involved with being my guest to work with me while I film my segments with you...

Calling All Sponsors: I am looking for sponsors to get us to a full spectrum of channels on TV, Internet, and consulting or teaching. For more information or possible think tank open discussion. Please contact or call at: 952-212-8592.



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