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Published on April 2, 2019

Imagineer / Author / Voice Over / Inventor

How Has the Role of the Entrepreneur Been Hijacked Over Years?

Contrary to the highly educated elite class of today, who believe in order to do something right or really important you must spend vast amounts of money and have fancy and flashy degrees from the right prestigious schools such as Harvard, Yale or Princeton or any other institution of “higher learning.” 

Rather the original entrepreneur’s by necessity went out and found something they could do, liked, and perfected it. They had to figure out on their own how to grow it, or they bought it from another successful entrepreneur at a fair price. A company they could made enough revenue that was more than their expenses and managed to made a small profit to continue year after year. 

Kind of makes sense, doesn’t it. Nothing fancy about it, just worked hard at producing the best they could do and building a lasting reputation for a great business that was enjoyed by all. This same entrepreneur, because of his thankfulness went out into the community and saw that not all of the people he was serving were doing as well. Possibly because of his faith in God or kindness of his heart he decided to do something about it. Picked up a shovel or a pitch fork and helped them make a garden or tend their animals so they could eat better and more often. Picked up a hammer and saw and helped them repair or in building their home.

Today, those kind of people are hard to find, but, there are a few that standout. These kind of people and insight who proved what they were made of and took action on their principles and even took their families with them in their pursuit of their dream of seeing others as themselves in need of some kindness and action. They even took their wealth and did for others even of different skin colors, cultures, heritages, and languages and eventually all around the world where others were in need as well.

I had the distinct honor to sit down at a busy trade show here in Minneapolis with just such a modern day hero bigger than life legend and he offered to share with me half of his peanut butter sandwich. While we were sitting there our hearts grew very familiar and we became quick friends. His eyes were intense yet filled with humility and just the way he was some 50 years earlier as he closed his successful attorneys office and packed up his family along with his hard earned million dollars. It was a distinct honor to have shared that ordinary peanut butter sandwich with him for a few moments and hearing his story first hand. Just speaking to him encouraged me with what it means to have a dream and the firm commitment to seeing it fulfilled. However I was saddened that in only a few short months later he passed away. Yes, it is Habitat for Humanity founder, Millard Fuller. Or maybe you never heard of Millard before, because his work was wrapped with other better known personalities that he allowed to take center stage because of their greater influence in fundraising such as President Carter and President Bill Clinton and even VP Al Gore.

Free Market Capitalism is at its finest, where making the right commitment and deal means not only a profit for the deal maker, but, a change with better conditions for humanity. Thank you, President Donald Trump for bringing back the will of simple hard working people to be and live as imagineers to ‘Make America Great Again!’” 

Les LaMotte, Imagineer

Read the complete story of how a simple Graphic Designer invented a product that was requested around the world in over 36 countries. How his simple Xtra Lite Display® invention immediately became “In demand worldwide and then domestically.” From his simple basement design studio to his garage and then into a business office and an office / condo in Burnsville, Minnesota. He started for only $14 and a photo of his unique XtraLite Display® sent to 14 worldwide magazines with a net result of over 14 years of business, international travel, building of many relationships worldwide and a revenue stream for his micro business of $1 million dollars a year for 14 years ($14 million in revenue). Buy your copy and begin your “American Dream” by TAKING ACTION and don't turn back. To find the links to, Barnes & Nobels,, sites visit Available on all smartphone plate forms and in Soft & Hard Cover. 182 pages in full color. Buy one for yourself, your business execs. and one to donate to your local library today!


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