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Imagineer Your Future • Discover Your Core Passions

Imagineer Your Future - 2019 Release of Les LaMotte's Book

Build a Global Micro Business • Grow Your Idea from $14 to $14 million

Excerpts from my upcoming booking being released this fall by Xlibris publishing.

Overcoming New Graduate instincts… and Finding Your Passion!

Let Your Graduation Hat Hit the Floor First!

The biggest mistake young graduates make after throwing their hats into the air... is that it is not the ending of university, college or tech school, it is the beginning of their life mostly unencumbered by their family and it’s the time for them to put on their sense of who they really are and what deep down inside of them really motivates them… pursuing their true core passion!

I failed this first test very badly myself, probably, because I allowed others to take me down a road they thought was good for me. What I didn't realize is that once you start making cart wheel tracks in the fresh clay of your life it will begin to mold your mind and your life and leave you searching and trying to go back and get out of the rut you keep traveling in. Without a honest assessment of who you really are and the motivations that you have but you are afraid for some silly reasons to find out until you finally can't take your job, your station in life, and your house full of children and yet you are still searching for passion and purpose. This is why there are so many out there today selling you remedies for your “mistake” that at the time you need to resolve it you were either too lazy or to self occupied and didn't realize it was time to stand up and look in the mirror of your life, slow down and breathe and listen to that still small voice of God who was trying to reach you but, you were too busy doing what you thought was so important at the time. 

Turns out you will find that guru and have to shovel out a lot of money to “find yourself” of course being the new “snake oil salesman” of the past covered with a coating of fresh paint, some new hairdo and philosophy from the “far east” we tend to buy into it hook line and sinker. Now they have set the hook on our lives and we go on our next adventure still not knowing who we are and what our core passions are beside paying them their enormous fees for things if we took a minute and consulted God, and if were true to ourselves we could have connected the dots a dozen years ago.

I don't care if you passed all of your tests grades with an A or A+ if you fail this “self test“ you will spend the rest of your life, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, hours, and tons of emotions simply going the “wrong direction”. The tests you took in High School or University will simply make a mark on your permanent record, be stamped and double stamped, put in a file folder and I guarantee that it will never see the light of day or be read the rest of your life. Compare that time and energy and how much effort, blood sweat and tears not to forget the money you spend and the thousands of dollars you still owe on all of your formal schooling so far? When you graduate that comfort cocoon is all gone. Now, you are on your own to fly. No one will show you the right door to go to find out who you really are. It is simply getting in touch with your own instincts and passions. If you can’t connect with your inner energy and spirit and own your skin and mind so it becomes your individual culture that will either make you a success or you will work for someone else making them rich and the government the rest of your life. 

From my personal experience I spent about 5-6 years inside of other companies. That leaves almost 40 years I worked for myself doing what I loved fulfilling my passion for art and design. In conversations with many of my piers, I ask them what they went to college for, telling me a short story of how they never went into that discipline they studied. For example, almost 80% revealed to me that what they studied in college they had to rediscover and retool for what they really had passion to do such as photography or something wildly different than their degree.

Want to take the same evaluation that helped me discover my core passions? 


Les LaMotte, Imagineer

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